Résumé Bloopers: Blunders to Avoid

In this digital age it easier to access information about job opportunities. However, easier access comes with fierce competition and employers inundated with more résumés than they have time to possibly read. This makes having a résumé free from “résumé red flags” imperative to job search success. Below are some common résumé blunders to avoid. 

“Funky” Email Address.

If you have an email address like sugardaddyforyou@domain.com you’re asking to be judged unfairly without mercy. This may work well on your dating profile but you want to be taken seriously. Even an arbitrary set of numbers or letters don’t work well (it looks “spamish”), because you want recruiters to quickly identify your email address with your name. I recommend creating an email address that’s a variation of your name such as jane.doe@domain.com. If you have a common name it’s harder to create one if different variations have been taken.  I've found that sometimes people tack on their birth year to their email name. I recommend refraining from dating yourself by giving early clues to your age.

Repeating the same set of words.

“Attention to Detail, Superb Writing Skills, Excellent Communication Skills, Attention to Detail” Really now? At least that’s what an employer may say and straight to the shredder the résumé goes.

Fluff with no Buff.

This is the equivalent of giving a meat eater a cucumber sandwich. They’ll scream, “Where is the meat!” Instead of simply stating you’re a “hard worker" let your accomplishments speak to that. Provide an example that exemplifies that you are just that. If you state “Exceeded goals by 125%” recruiters may say to themselves, “Now that’s a winner.”

Irrelevant Personal Interests.

Employers know you have a life outside of work, but do they really want to know you "play part-time in a garage band" as a candidate for an accountant position. Please don’t do this.

Right Spelling, Wrong Word.

“Objective:  Seeking a party-time position related to my bachelorette degree.” This is like an unedited video filled with bloopers and a prime example of how simply using spell check is not proofreading your résumé. Have another pair of eyes review your résumé before uploading to any job site or submitting to an employer.

I hope I've humored you, but the job search process is no joke, so avoid becoming the brunt of one. 

Moving Your Career Forward,

Cathy Francois, MBA, GCDF

Certified Career Coach | Career Exploration Officer of Rezume Forward


P.S. I provide professional and personalized career coaching. Available services include strategic career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, personal brand development, and more. Request a complimentary consultation today.


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