Getting the Career You Want: Applying the Law of Attraction

Independence Day 2011, I was enjoying fireworks downtown a city outside the greater Washington D.C. area. I was in awe to see generations of families together, which was much different from the party scene in downtown Miami I was accustomed to. I love my hometown Miami, but I found myself falling for a new city and thought to myself, "I want to raise my family here." And so the journey of my new job search began.


Embracing my "sometimes" impulsive nature, upon my return home I submitted for a transfer to a position in the D.C. area after only being at the company for just barely 5 months. And I heard nothing (cricket, cricket); however, I didn't take it as a "bad" sign or defeat. I just came to the realization that it was going to take some time and of course strategic planning to uproot my family from the sunshine state to the suburbs of greater D.C. So the end of summer 2012 was set as my target move date.


By early winter I was eagerly searching for possible positions and companies that I would apply for when the timing was right. I stalled on posting my rèsumè on CareerBuilder because I was certain employers would call me and did not want to be offered a position prematurely. But by February 2012 I could not contain the excitement and posted my rèsumè. One company I was particularly interested in called me before I had even applied! Even though the opportunity stopped short with a phone interview with HR (I'll write about that experience later), it was truly a sign that I was sending the right messages to the universe.


Then the universe responded. I received an email to confirm my attendance for a group interview the very next afternoon! My stomach was in knots; here I am at my office desk wondering what should I do and how will this work. In short, I was out the next morning on the first flight to D.C. I arrived to the group interview to find that I was up against 5 other candidates for 3 available positions, however still left with certainty that one of the positions would be mine. It was March by then and I was told a decision would be made in 2 weeks, so I awaited my call.

I flew back home excited about the possibility of a new opportunity and drafted my resignation letter. However, 2 weeks came and went and I didn't get a call from the hiring manager, but in faith (mixed with some fear) I submitted my resignation letter anyway. My boss thought I was crazy, while deep down inside I believed an opportunity would come my way. And it did; by the third week I got the phone call I was waiting for. I started April.

The journey to my dream job wasn't without some natural fear and anxiety. There were certainly barriers along the way, but choosing to focus on the opportunities kept them coming my way while I took action. If you don't believe, it's easy to give up when your faith is tested.

Ask for what you want, Believe with persistence and Receive with joy. Apply the law of attraction and watch the universe respond!

Moving Your Career Forward,

Cathy Francois, MBA, GCDF

Certified Career Coach | Career Exploration Officer of Rezume Forward


P.S. I provide professional and personalized career coaching. Available services include strategic career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, personal brand development, and more. Request a complimentary consultation today.


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