Soul Search before You Job Search

My previous blog post was on creating a job search plan to get the job you want. But why go through the trouble of creating a road map when you haven’t decided on a final destination. 

It’s a plan that will work for most people just as long as you know what want. However, if you’re not sure which steps to take next, whether you’re early in your career or a transitioning professional,  the following tips may be able to help you find your way.

Think Outside Titles.

Do remember as a kid people would ask you, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” There are thousands of job titles out there and by the time they grow up some of them will be obsolete and new ones will develop. When asked that question as a kid, not once I said career coach, account executive or academic advisor. Instead we should ask, “What do I like to do? What am I good at? Think about what you’re recognized for among your circle of friends. Are you the Martha Stewart or computer whiz among your peers? Has anybody said, “I could see you doing….”? Take the time to assess your skills, interest and most importantly your values.


As a professional in higher education it amazes me how many people decide to enter a career without any real research.  Watching an episode of C.S.I. or Grey’s Anatomy does not qualify as research either.  Consider taking assessments such as those found on by CareerBuilder to get an insight on what career paths may fit your skill set, personality and values. Research ideal careers even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for because when you seek you shall find your “aha” moment.

Don’t Settle.

If you want something just to pay the bills, that is what you’ll get. Stop and listen to your inner voice. Sometimes we do know what we want, but simply don’t pursue it because we think it’s out of our reach. Or is it that we need to reach out to take the next step. What you want to do doesn't have to be popular or easily understood by others. Just know that if it’s your passion and calling, then success is almost inevitable. 

Remember nothing last forever.  Although important, this is not the be-all and end-all decision it seems. Knowing that each job is temporary really helps relieve the stress of making a decision. Besides, you can decide to explore other options and transition to other careers later. In the end do your due diligence; search within and research before embarking on your next job search quest.